Henza island

SangwachaHenza island is located on the east coast of the main island of Okinawa, and is linked to the Katsuren Peninsula by Kaichu-doro which is an inter-island road. (Kaichu-doro means "Roadbridge in the middle of the sea" in Japanese.)

In Henza island, many traditional festivals are performed in every season of the year.HariThe most famous festival is "Sangwacha", which is held from March 3rd to 5th on the lunar calendar. The 2nd day of the festival, March 4th, is especially exciting! While the tide is ebbing you can see the parade of people wade into the sea to rocks about 300 metres from the beach. The parade offers prayers to the sea gods on the rock for a prosperous year, then returns to the beach. After that, you can see the traditional entertainments at the front of the Henza residents' hall.The tug-of-warIf you are very lucky you may be invited to join the fun!

There is also a Hari (dragon-boat) race in June, and the tug-of-war in August.